Thermoplas (Pvt) ltd is a completely integrated plastic molding unit which offer end to end solution starting from prototyping, designing of product , Research and development, scientific molding, in house mold design and building, material selection, and high quality lab to meet the highest standards.

Prototyping / Designing

Building prototypes and models is an essential component of any design activity. Modern product development is a multi-disciplinary effort that relies on prototyping in order to explore new ideas and test them sufficiently before they become actual products. A comprehensive modern prototyping approach is crucial to making informed design decisions, and forms a strategic part of a successful designer’s toolkit.

Mold and Dies Making

With more than 18 years of experience and having state of the art CNC equipment with multiple axes, we can produce up to 40 molds a year. We combine proven craftsmanship with state-of-the-art machining technology to produce high quality molds for customers. Every component and mold is subjected to rigorous inspection throughout the manufacturing process.

Extrusion Blow Molding

In the standard blow molding process a warm plastic parison (hollow tube) is placed between the two halves of a mould cavity and air pressure forces the plastic into the precise shape of the cavity.

Injection Molding

In injection molding molten plastic is forced from a heated cylinder under pressure into a cavity of a confined mold. The part is then cooled, solidified and removed. We have over 28 injection molding machines. A large range of standard and custom molded caps and closures are available in COPP, PP, PE, SAN and BDS. We can supply jars and containers in SAN and PP, in single or double wall, with capacities from 2ml to 1400ml. .

Injection Blow Molding

This process bridges the gap between blow molding and injection stretch blow molding providing scrap-free production of containers with an injection molded neck finish. The key benefit is outstanding control of part tolerances, finish and weight/volume which means wide mouth containers can be produced with injection molded tolerance necks. In addition there is no waste from de-flashing resulting in reduced energy consumption and better material utilization.

Injection Stretch Blow Molding

In this process a plastic preformed PET component is formed by injection molding on the machine. This preform is then stretched and blown into the container shape using a separate mold. PET bottles and jars are noted for their glass-like clarity, strength and barrier properties that preserve the product's quality, protect against damage and display the contents superbly. .

Finishing process

8 color offside Printing,Labeling and Hot slavering.

Customer Support

Professional customer service that exceeds expectations.